National Presentations

"12 Surprising Facts" Presentation About the American Church - 2008 Edition

“12 Surprising Facts about the American Church” is a PowerPoint Presentation on 12 key findings
about the American Church. It provides information on weekend attendance, gains in the number of
churches, established church results, church planting and regional differences. Its 40 slides and 20 maps
and graphs visually communicate the State of the American Church. This PowerPoint is our most popular
presentation among Christian leaders, and has proven to be a helpful presentation to show to
other pastors, church leaders and members.
Purchase 2008 Edition 12 Surprising Facts Powerpoint Presentation - $14.95


The State of the Nation Presentation

108 slides and 58 maps & graphs visually communicate the changes that are happening in the
American Church. It is the most complete visual description of the American Church available today.
Purchase the State of the Nation Presentation - $19.95


2008 Edition Denominational Families PowerPoint

A Powerpoint report on the 8 major 'denominational families'.
The families are Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Reformed, Pentecostal, Christian, Catholic and “Other”.
This presentation includes a US map of every family’s attendance percentage in each state,
and whether the family grew faster or slower than population growth in each state.
Its 44 slides and 20 maps & graphs visually communicates the changes that are happening
to each denominational family.
Purchase 2008 Edition "Denominational Family" Powerpoint Presentation – $14.95


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