PowerPoints are available for the nation, all 50 states and the largest 90 metro areas. A Combo Pack is available for every state, and includes 12 Surprising Facts, the state PowerPoint and all Metro PowerPoints within that state.

Below are listed ten free, informational PowerPoints based on the church attendance research conducted by the American Church Research Project.

1. The State of the American Church - 2008

2. 12 Surprising Facts - 2008

3. Denominational Families - 2008

4. The Future of the American Church

5. The Case for Church Planting

6. The State of Established Churches 2000 - 2007

7. 1990 - 2007 State Attendance Percentage

8. 1990 - 2020 State Attendance Percentage Projections

9. Cultural Change in America

10. The Message and Mission of Jesus

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Ground breaking research on based on a national database of church attendance from over 200,000 churches.

"The American Church in Crisis is a monumental work, both in its accurate, near alarming analysis, and its brilliant clarion call to engage our society with the 'full-orbed' gospel of Jesus."

Lon Allison, Director, The Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College

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“Where are the People?" is a 35 minute DVD that presents the challenges facing the American church and the solutions necessary for a brighter future. Click the Play button to watch the 6 minute trailer of the DVD. More information about the Where Are the People DVD >>>

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